Who  What  Why

WHO can Practice?

Aikido is available to people of all ages. The age range in our dojo is 5 years old to 83 years old.

"Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here for no other purpose than to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment."

AOCNM has three rules. 
` No injuries- injuries may occur, but they should be rare and minor.
` Everyone has a good time
` We learn a little Aikido.

WHAT is Aikido?

Aikido translated means ‘THE WAY of HARMONY’. 
Ai- Harmony
Ki – Spirit or energy
Do – Path or Way
Aikido's intent is to defend against attack with no harm to the defender or attacker.  The highest outcome is no conflict at all. Aikido training does not have competition, sparring or matches. Aikido does have intense partner practices, but the purpose is to improve both training partner's Aikido skills. 
Aikido training begins with the developement of physical skills. There are many techniques, grips, throws and pins to learn. The first lesson is to move off the line of attack and to take the opponent's balance.  Often that is enough. You move out of danger and off balance your opponent so it is difficult for them to continue. The primary purpose of Aikido is to neutralize conflict and for no one to suffer harm. As a student's training progresses Aikido will manifest itself in non physical ways in daily life.  A verbal attack can be dealt with by moving out of the way.  Business conflicts can be avoided.  A student learns to be self contained and balanced despite attacks.  It will work in physical, mental and spiritual conflicts . 

WHY  Aikido?

Most people are interested in learning a martial art. The idea that in a serious situation you could effectively defend yourself against a bigger, stronger, faster and agressive attacker has a great deal of attraction to anyone. No one wants to be a punching bag. Most of us never go beyond that secret desire to be able to physically defend ourselves. Driving down the street we see signs for "dojos" (traning facilities), but we are reluctant to stop and look inside the door. What goes on in there? Do you get hit/hurt in training? Will I be too old or too slow or the wrong sex? Martial arts both attracts and repels people. How do you know what martial art to study? How do you know if the sensei(teacher) is legitimately credentialed? Many schools and sensei's are not credentialed. They just rent a location and put themselves out there as an "expert".

Aikido can be a devastating martial art, but it's basic premise is to be non-violent. Aikidokas do not attack. We defend and we use only enough force to stop or deflect the attack. Since we do not "fight" on the mat training injuries are rare. For most students Aikido is primarily a leisure time activity with the benefit of learning self defense skills.